Dragon Tiger Rules | Learn Dragon Tiger Game Rules Online 2023

Easy to Play – Dragon Tiger Game Rules

Dragon Tiger Rules – three simple steps; login, place your bet, then collect winnings!

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Easy to Play - Dragon Tiger Game Rules

Easy to Play – Dragon Tiger Game Rules

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The Basics of Online Dragon Tiger Rules

This online casino card game is a simple card comparing game between the Dragon’s hand and Tiger’s hand.

The game Dragon Tiger was initially introduced in Cambodia and is now popular worldwide.

Dragon Tiger Rules is so simple and straightforward.

The Basics of Online Dragon Tiger Rules

The Basics of Online Dragon Tiger Rules

So how to play Dragon Tiger?

> The game starts by placing chips or chips from the table.

> There are three main choices to place your bet; Dragon, Tiger, and Tie.

> Dragon Tiger Game Rules for cards are very simple, King as the highest and Ace as the lowest.

> The hand with the highest rank wins that round.

> Payout: One to one for winning with Dragon or Tiger and eight to one for winning with Tie bet.

> Some table features special bet types such as Big, Small, Odd, and Even.

The Basics of Online Dragon Tiger Rules - Virtual

The Basics of Online Dragon Tiger Rules – Virtual

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After Dragon Tiger Game Rules – Register

Now you know the basics of Dragon Tiger Game Rules, it’s time for you to register.

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After Dragon Tiger Game Rules - Register

After Dragon Tiger Game Rules – Register

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Conclusion with Dragon Tiger Rules

Dragon Tiger Rules is no doubt very elementary.

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